Maiden Noir | St. Helens / The First Seven

For this season the story follows the first seven days after Mount St. Helen’s eruption. The collection takes it’s inspiration from three different characters surrounding the mountain. ‘Blackburn’ the professor who predicted the eruption, ’Turner’ the outcast vet who called the mountain home, and ‘Ashland’ the naturalist who devoted his life to mountain.

The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look. Fabrics used are a mix of reverse cotton twill, 60/40 cotton/nylon, and indigo dye fleece. The focus is on the detailing, tailoring and materials. All of the pieces are made from Japanese fabrics and the selvage denim is tailored in Japan.

The t-shirts in the collection are all hand silk-screened at our studio in the States. Every piece is done individually. Though time consuming, the process gives each a one of kind look with slight imperfections limiting the quantity of each produced.

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