New Balance Pop-Up Shop

The story of new Balance traces back to Boston, Massachusetts, to the year 1906, and to a man named William J. Riley. Riley, a 33 year old English immigrant established the company as New Balance Arch. His first product, a flexible arch support, was designed with three points of support in the shape of a triangle. These points created greater balance and comfort in the shoe. It is believed that Riley came up with the name “New Balance” by observing chickens in his yard. To demonstrate the way his arch supports worked, Riley kept a chickens foot on his office desk. He would explain to customers that the chicken’s three clawed foot resulted in perfect balance.

Fast forward to 1938, this was New Balance’s first attempt at making athletic footwear. It was a spike running shoe for a local running club. This put New Balance on the map and brings us to where we are today. The Pop Up shop located in the Concepts lounge takes you through all the important shoes in New Balance’s long history not to mention, all the collaborations with Concepts are on display.